Best Summer Workouts for Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem that affects almost everyone at some point in their lives. If you are suffering from back pain, regular physical activity can help you find the relief you deserve. At EmergeOrtho: Foothills Region, our orthopedic care experts encourage back pain patients to take advantage of the summer months because the summer is the ideal time to rehabilitate the back through appropriate outdoor workouts.

While most exercises can be performed in any season, the warm temperatures paired with the breathtaking scenery of nature can motivate back pain patients to stretch and strengthen their bodies. Our orthopedic care specialists recommend the following exciting workouts for back pain:


Swimming is a great low-impact exercise for the back and joints. In the summer, back pain patients can spend time in outdoor pools, local lakes, and rivers to burn calories, improve their flexibility, and strengthen their back muscles. Water aerobics classes or swimming lessons at a local fitness or community center are an effective and pain-free way for back pain patients to build strength in the back and core. If you’re interested in trying swimming to ease back pain, be sure to avoid any strokes or exercises that prompt your body to twist.

Outdoor Yoga

The purpose of yoga is to bring the body and mind together to form a harmonious experience. It offers countless benefits such as improved strength, flexibility, and breathing. Many yoga poses strengthen the back and abdominal muscles to help you significantly reduce or avoid back pain. In addition, yoga emphasizes the importance of stretching and expends the motion in the pelvis to decrease lower back stress.

This type of exercise allows back pain sufferers to get rid of toxins, bring in nutrients, and nourish the soft tissues and muscles in the lower back. In the summer months, yoga can be practiced at a local park, beach, or just about any outdoor location.

Walking and Jogging

Instead of walking and jogging around an indoor track or on a treadmill, back pain patients should take their walks and jogs outdoors. Whether you decide to take a walk or jog around your neighborhood or at a nearby park, walking and jogging are simple ways to ease back pain. Walking and jogging stimulates the brain to release endorphins and serotonin to naturally improve your mood and block pain through distraction. When walking or jogging for back pain, be sure to start off slow and then gradually pick up the pace as your body starts to feel more comfortable.

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