5 Reasons to Avoid Laser Spine Surgery

In recent years, there have been countless marketing campaigns promoting the use of lasers in spine surgery. Although laser spine surgery caught the attention of many, the idea of using lasers to perform surgery was just that, a fad. You see, trained spine surgeons understood that lasers can only cut soft tissue, not bone, making laser spine surgery more of a marketing term than an effective solution to spine problems. Below are five reasons why laser spine surgery is a thing of the past.

Laser Spine Surgery Was Expensive.

In many cases, laser spine surgery cost upwards of $30,000. This is at least twice the amount of money that most insurance companies will pay for spine procedures that do not involve a laser.

Laser Spine Surgery Could Damage Nerves.

The heat that radiates from a laser had the risk of damaging nerves and causing the patient to experience even more pain and suffering, an important reason to avoid laser spine surgery in the first place.

Laser Spine Surgery Couldn’t Treat Most Conditions.

Despite what you may have been told, laser spine surgery is not and was not a viable treatment for the majority of spine conditions. In fact, the laser scalpel is typically less effective and riskier than the traditional scalpel because of its heat, inability to handle corners or angles, and varying length.

Laser Spine Surgery Could Be Performed By a Doctor Who is Not a Spine Surgeon.

Unfortunately, you do not have to be a spine surgeon to perform laser spine surgery. Due to the fact that laser spine surgery is not a unique procedure, simply a unique tool to conduct an existing procedure, there is no formal training on laser spine surgery in medical school. Doctors who are not spine surgeons and therefore lack the high level of spine knowledge were performing laser spine surgery, increasing the risk of nerve damage and other complications.

There is No Evidence to Justify the Use of Lasers in Spine Surgery.

The final reason that laser spine surgery is a procedure of the past is that lasers have never been a proven asset in spine surgery and are simply a cutting tool. As stated, the term laser is a marketing ploy that is often used to catch the attention of patients with spine conditions who may need surgery.

If you would like to find relief from your spine condition, you should consider minimally invasive spine surgery techniques. With minimally invasive spine surgery, you can enjoy one small incision, minimal soft tissue damage, and a fast recovery.

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