5 Questions You Should Ask Your Spine Surgeon

Are you considering undergoing back or spine surgery and curious as to questions you should ask your spine surgeon? There are probably close to a million questions swimming through your mind. However, if you are like most of us, as soon as you get in front of the doctor you cannot seem to remember a single question you were planning to ask.

When it comes to surgery, it is important to understand the procedure fully, such as what happens during the procedure and what recovery is like following the procedure. Since it can be difficult to know what questions to ask (or to remember to ask!), we have compiled a list of several questions we feel are important for patients to receive the answers to.

Below are 5 questions you should ask your spine surgeon:

  • What are the risks? Every surgery has associated risks, even those that are minimally invasive. Before deciding if spine surgery is right for you, it is important to understand the risks that are associated with the procedure.
  • What is the surgery meant to accomplish? Is your goal to live life without pain or to correct a failed surgery? No matter your reason for undergoing surgery, it is important that your surgeon thoroughly explains how the recommended surgical procedure will work to eliminate or improve your condition.
  • What is your success rate for this type of surgery? Another of the questions you should ask your spine surgeon is how many times they have performed this procedure and their success rate. Experience is crucial when it comes to matters of the spine. Clearly understanding your surgeons qualification to perform the surgery, as well as the likelihood the surgery will be a success, should help to ease your concerns and increase your confidence in both your surgeon and the procedure.
  • What are my financial options? It is no secret that surgery can be expensive. Prior to committing to spine surgery, you should determine if your insurance policy will cover the procedure. The practice should have a billing department that can go over all the information with you, such as any amount you may be responsible to pay. By knowing whether you’ll be responsible for any of the costs, you can be prepared financially and avoid surprise bills.
  • What is the recovery process like? Understanding the recovery process is just as important as understanding the surgical procedure itself. Your surgeon should explain how long your recovery will take, whether you’ll be able to recover at home, and what limitations you may face during the healing process. Knowing ahead of time what to expect will allow you to plan accordingly, such as hiring in-home help, recruiting friends and family, or arranging to take off work.

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