4 Summer Spine Injuries to Avoid

With warm temperatures, blue skies, and blooming flowers, there is no better time to get outdoors and get active than the summer months. However, summer fun can be put to a halt when a summer spine injury occurs. Therefore, it is best to be aware of the most common summer spine injuries in order to save yourself and your spine from a summer of unnecessary pain.

Most Common Summer Spine Injuries are a result of the following summer activities:

  • Water Skiing: Although waterskiing is a fun summer activity, one wrong fall and the fun is gone. Water Skiing has been linked to serious spine injuries as a result of falling at awkward angles. Unless you are an expert skier, it is best to avoid advanced maneuvers and high speeds.
  • Yard Work: For spine pain sufferers, it is no secret that yard work and gardening can be hard on your back. Bending, lifting heavy items, and twisting can all cause stress on your spine, resulting in pain or injury. Additionally, mowing the grass can put stress on your spine due to leaning forward to push the mower and start the mower. When out in the yard, always practice good posture and remember to bend at the waist. Taking breaks throughout the day to rest your back is best practice for avoiding a summer spine injury.
  • Biking: Whether you prefer a beach cruiser or a mountain bike, practicing bike safety is critical. When biking, be sure to always practice good posture and avoid rough terrain which may cause unnecessary stress on your spine, resulting in pain or injury. Summer spine injuries from biking can be avoided when safety measures are taken.
  • Golfing: In order to avoid a spine injury while on the course, always warm up prior to hitting the green and ensure your swinging with proper techniques. Golf has been known to cause spine injuries as well as lower back pain. For those of you who already suffer from spine pain, be sure to utilize a golf cart or caddie and do not attempt to carry your golf bag around the course.

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