3D Not Just For Movies Anymore

Digital ORs at Valdese Hospital integrate with 3D modeling for advanced ortho surgery

The News Herald - Wednesday, June 17 2008


VALDESE - Burke Countyarea orthopaedic surgeon Christopher T. Daley, MD, touches the exposed end of a patient’s femur with a pen-like digital probe, adding points of reference to a three dimensional digital model of the bone.

A stereoscopic camera follows his every move with great precision, sending real-time continuous data to a computer that generates detailed surgical images and routes them to various high-definition monitors positioned throughout the operating room.

This information and imagery will help Dr. Daley make his final decision about how to cut the bone to just the proper length and angle to insert a Depuy Rotating Platform total knee replacement.

Computer-assisted orthopaedic surgery is now being offered in the digital surgery suites at Blue Ridge HealthCare’s Valdese Hospital.

“We have this ultra-modern technology to assist in surgery,” Dr. Daley said.

Daley says he can now plan all of his surgical cuts on the computer before applying them to the patient.

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3D Not Just For Movies Anymore